Rotax Pro Tour 2013 Ipswich - Rotax Heavy Pre Final Crash

Watch the same crash from the #98 kart of Josh Willett

First lap of the pre final went 2 wide through T3 and got over the kurb and at some stage both rear wheels have come off the ground (you can hear the engine rev when this happens) from either kart contact or bouncing off the kurb and half spun in front of the rest of the 2 wide field, the first few who saw me got through but a few couldn't quite miss me.

I initially get hit by Dale Corbett (#47) which spun me back in the normal direction and then I got hit square in the rear by Jarad Neinert (#18 - who you cannot see) who rolls over the top of me. As he starts rolling he is hit by Josh Willet (#98) which launches me and Jared even further.

All drivers walked away from the incident - luckily. Definitely lots of bumps and bruises though. As we are reminded at every drivers briefing.. 'Motor racing is dangerous'

Paul Rodgers front row start