Victorian Open Championships 2014 Oakleigh - Rotax Heavy

A tough weekend racing Rotax Heavy at the Vic Open. Had my battles throughout the weekend (notably in the Heat 2 where we struggled huge and fell back through the pack.) 

Heat 1 was quiet and very much follow the leader. The pre final was hectic and there was a restart flag given at the end of the first lap. It wasn't any less hectic after the restart! The final the kart was probably the best we had it all weekend, the last passing attempt on Chris Farkas (#2) I slid on dirt on the inside of the track and that allowed not only Farkas back past but also Travis Millar (#93).

The last bit of footage is the last lap of the final coming into the last corner with the front 4 battling it out. Rick Pringle gets sent through the dirt but still crossed the line in front of me. However, he didn't go back through post race scrutineering and was disqualified which elevated me to 4th.
Paul Rodgers front row start