February Club Day 2014 Todd Rd - TAG Pro and Heavy

Some 'highlights' of a busy club day. Racing TAG Pro (170kgs) and TAG Heavy (180kgs). 

I get run over at the start of the first heat (you can only JUST see the kart run over me when I avoid the stationary kart) which forced my plastic rear bumper to get wedged onto my rear tyre and i had to retire. From then on I had a busy day of passing karts trying to get to the front.

A few might be wondering why I am smashing the limiter so early down the straight. This was a brand new engine (first time on the track was warm up that morning) and was quite tight down low so we compensated by running an extra tooth on the rear sprocket. You can see in the early races I struggle going up the hill.

Ended up with a 1st in TAG Pro and a 2nd in TAG Heavy.
Paul Rodgers front row start